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Marketing Technology Consulting Services

Since 2008, Apollidon Consulting is uniquely positioned to help clients understand technology impacts that accelerate business growth. We generally help our clients with:

  • Fast-tracked knowledge and applications to solve the real-life complexities facing businesses especially as technology plays a bigger role in everything we do;
  • Accelerate client’s internal self-sufficiency to manage processes and technologies for optimum results;
  • Provide advisory services to accelerate decisions and create impactful action plans; and
  • Work as a cost-effective resource extension to help implement and ensure successful performance through on-demand MarTech.

From concepts to tactics, Apollidon consultants have worked globally with small organizations, middle market and Fortune 1000 companies. Headquartered in the Tampa area, our consultants are MarTech (Marketing Technology) architects that can create powerful infrastructures to collect and organize pertinent analytics for you to inject into your business strategy.

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