Data is at the core of business strategy, and Domo is the fastest way to obtain robust data visualizations to gain impactful insights. With proper implementation, your data ecosystem can deliver key metrics to influence strategy and align key stakeholders. As a certified partner, we get you up and running with custom dashboards attuned to your key business requirements fast. With implementation, training, and technical consulting available, we meet the needs of a team with diverse skill sets and needs.


Improve strategic decisions and align key stakeholders based on compelling, grounded information from robust data visualizations.


Learn to manage your data ecosystem and how to create impactful business strategies based on the data relayed from the dashboards.

Technical Consulting

Ensure data accuracy and accessibility through data connection and structure inspections and effectively designed dashboards.

Learn how your marketing technology can be more effective.

Benefits of Working with Apollidon

Data holds two great challenges: collecting it and analyzing it. Our consultants use the discovery process as a time to learn and understand your Key Business Requirements to determine how to make sense of the data available to you. Through implementation, training, and/or technical consulting, we can help to create powerful data ecosystems with insightful visualizations to make data analysis easy and always at your fingertips. We can:

  • Develop a data connection strategy
  • Setup data connections
  • Complete data transformation
  • Setup initial dashboards
  • Provide ongoing support and best practices
Time to use data and transition your business analysis to business intelligence!