Pardot is a rapidly and continuously improving marketing automation tool that helps marketers build smarter campaigns, understand their funnel more clearly, and improve their overall marketing strategy. Designed to make email marketing more accessible, the software provides endless customization options, precise data tracking, and even integrates with Salesforce. With so many options, getting the right setup for your organization can be a challenge. Teaming with a certified partner helps ensure you’re getting the highest ROI on your software. We can implement the tool and provide training and technical consulting to help your team get up to speed quickly.


Get the tools needed to ramp up email marketing campaigns, manage lists, and drive more qualified leads into your funnel.


Learn to manage email campaigns, web forms, CRM integration, data migration, and other channels to enhance your lead quality.

Technical Consulting

Update your current settings to prevent common issues like list fatigue, poor data tracking, and ineffective template design.

Learn how your marketing technology can be more effective.

Benefits of Working with Apollidon

Our consultants take time during the discovery process to understand the challenges you are experiencing and business goals you’d like to achieve. We perform a thorough investigation of your current settings, templates, rules, etc., and create an actionable plan to improve marketing functions across the platform. Areas we can assist with include:

  • Creating email templates, email preference pages, sophisticated drip campaigns, and web forms
  • Developing email distribution lists and list cleansing rules
  • Providing training and best practices for understanding email and web tracking and implementing actions based on them
  • Salesforce integration
  • Data migration
  • Ongoing support and software management
Team up with us to create stronger marketing processes and improve the quality of leads in your funnel!