Data is the foundation of every business intelligence strategy. To benefit from data, organizations must understand how to collect and analyze data.

To benefit from data, organizations must not only understand how to collect the data but also how to analyze it. Creating a broad picture is complex, and businesses often approach the process wrong from the start. Our consultants have hundreds of hours of experience in collecting, managing, and analyzing data, using the information derived from this process and applying it to developing business-led data strategies.

Getting Started

We’ve designed our process to be highly efficient and effective. We spend time on the discovery call discussing what you want to learn. Depending on the goal of the project, we’ll help to determine key metrics and how they’ll be used. We’ll also collect basic information, including the point of contact for the project, timeframe, and budget.

Once we’ve assessed your needs, we’ll provide you with a detailed Statement of Work. This may include suggested actions, like:

  • Software implementation
  • Data management
  • Data connection strategies
  • Training and best practices

Upon your review and completing contracts, we can set up a kickoff call to collect login information and any other existing collateral or information needed. Your security is a priority, so we gladly comply with any protocols necessary.

What We Do

Put simply, we make data ecosystems manageable. When clients turn to us with a unique set of issues and key business requirements, we equip them with customized solutions to address their challenges and requirements. Our goal is to deliver strategies that put our clients in complete control of their data ecosystem. Increasing self-sufficiency and providing organizations with a greater independence in owning the architecture and implementation of their data stories.

Your needs will determine:

  • What services will be needed
  • Our level of involvement in each stage of the process
  • The long-term strategy for your data ecosystem

Other Things We Can Help With

Get the most from your data in the long-term by taking advantage of other services we offer in addition to creating your data ecosystem. We offer training and best practices to ensure you understand how to manage your data or long-term management by our consultants.


Our consultants train your team to manage any software implemented and how to understand and utilize data stories relayed through dashboards.

Best Practices

Get a personalized cheat sheet of industry best practices for managing, analyzing, and utilizing your data.

Ongoing Support

Whether you lack the resources or the time, we’re happy to manage your data ecosystem long-term.

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