It’s time to rethink go-to-market strategies. Customers are rapidly shifting their purchasing approach and criteria in all markets.

At the same time, a powerful arsenal of commercial data and tools is now available. With low risk and high returns, transforming how you go to market can generate great value for you and your customers.

Getting Started

During the discovery process, we provide consultative advisory services to learn about your priorities. Each market faces widely varying challenges, so due diligence in understanding issues specific to your industry, marketplace, and organization is critical. Drilling down to the core of your business, our business and technical consultants will evaluate key factors such as addressable market sizing, competitor analyses, and audience segmentation.

Upon approval of a detailed Statement of Work, we can set up a kickoff call with your team to collect any and all pertinent information. Your data privacy and confidentiality are paramount, so we gladly comply with any security protocols necessary. Then, we get to work!

What We Do

Demand assessments and market sizing

Generating sustainable growth relies on accurate interpretations of demand assessments. We conduct comprehensive primary and secondary market research to provide relevant insights. Accurate addressable market sizing is critical for business strategy development and go-to-market decision making.

Audience segmentation and customer profiles

In a world of long-tail markets and one-to-one selling, identifying shifting audience segments is just step one. Deep insights about audience profiles and buying criteria provides successful pathways for highly targeted marketing efforts that are focused on maximizing growth at scaled-down cost.

Competitor analyses and “Watch Lists”

Data analytics and business intelligence has made consumer information ubiquitous. Dynamic markets are witnessing a significant increase in new competitor entries, both national and international. Apollidon conducts market research to identify all major competitors offering similar (or soon-to-be) competitive offerings. Detailed reports include comparative information, for example, competitors with similar offerings with details about pricing, features, and benefits, and unique value propositions. We also provide “Watch Lists” pinpointing startups and established businesses that have the potential to disintermediate your current and future state business strategy.

Benchmarking services

Apollidon has developed proprietary methodologies to benchmark competitors. Our Quadrant Insightsallows clients to easily see on one graph their market positioning, competitive benchmarks, competitor clustering, and the required attributes to gain leadership positioning. These Quadrant Insights are dynamic, demonstrating market changes over time as well as providing the early indicators for potentially emerging opportunities or commoditization.

Website evaluations and recommendations

Every company’s website is critical to the development of digital assets and campaigns into a series of functioning deliverables to attract and convert customers. Our consultants use substantiated methodologies to evaluate and score four key components of the website: content, design, navigation, and technology. This allows us to collaborate and deliver solutions that not only meet the defined requirements, but identify enhancements that will help to engage your end user. Our website evaluation services can address a single very specific concern, or we can probe more deeply into your website. At the conclusion of our website audit, we will deliver a report detailing our assessment of your website along with our clear recommendations for moving forward.

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